THE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE® is utilized by many of the Fortune 100 firms, the ARMY National Guard, Federal Reserve, Farm Credit Banks, as well as Entrepreneurial business owners today at the C-Suite level and as an interactive engaged managerial-leadership effectiveness series with senior leaders. Understanding human capital performance and talent development, Jeff has a unique lens for revenue generation in everything he does and this is enhanced with his extensive sales training and coaching options for B2B and B2C utilization.

Gage your overall progress. In this session you will access your Leadership Academy 360 PRE and POST assessments. 

Welcome to Leadership Acedemy of ExcellenceTM


Modules One-Three: The Fundamentals

1.       Fundamentals of Strategic Management

2.       Fundamentals of Tactical Managerial-Leadership

3.       Fundamentals of Interviewing, Hiring, On-Boarding & Terminating Employees

Modules Four-Six: Coaching for Impact

4.       Coaching For Impact: Managing Generational Diversity & Teaming

5.       Coaching For Impact: Resolving Conflicts, Confrontations & Dealing With Challenging Personalities

6.       Coaching For Impact: Developing High Performers & Solution Providers

 Modules Seven-Nine: Beyond WOW/Service Leadership

7.       Beyond WOW/Service Leadership: Enabling Exceptional Customer Care

8.       Beyond WOW/Service Leadership: Growing Your Business

9.       Beyond WOW/Service Leadership: Increasing Profitability for Long-term Planning in a Short-Term World

Modules Ten-Twelve: Performance Execution

10.   Performance Execution: Succession Planning & Mentoring For Replication Success

11.   Performance Execution: Long-term Planning in a Short-Term World

12.   Performance Execution: Success & Stability, Revisiting Your Strategic Plans & Execution